Lauren Tripp and her story!

brighter shade of blue jewelryLauren Stineman Tripp grew up in a small town called Hastings in Michigan.  She spent a lot of time enjoying nature when she was younger. She would study bugs as they busily worked away or she would watch the trees bend as they swayed in the wind. 

Art was always an important part of her young life and when she was older she went on to attend Western Michigan University.  There she realized she really enjoyed the pleasure of building 3 dimensionally.  She also realized she like working with metal.  Lauren enjoys the malleability and yet strength of the silver and copper.  The metal with its plastic qualities is easy to form and bend but if bent too far the metal cracks or breaks. 

During her attendance at Western, Lauren studied metalsmithing to a large extent.  In 2004, Lauren graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in art.  To continue her work in metalsmithing, Lauren started renting a studio in the Park Trades Center in Kalamazoo, MI, in 2003.  There she has a full studio where she works, designs, and creates her jewelry pieces. 

The last few years, Lauren has participated in many exhibitions and juried shows.  Lauren really loves working with metal and reflecting nature’s beauty and simplicity in her pieces.  She spends quite a bit of time on each piece working with the metal and the stones so the best possible solution is found.  Each piece is hand fabricated so Lauren has a special relationship with every finished piece.  She really loves making jewelry and she hopes that you enjoy her love for her jewelry too.